Take an adventure flight in a ex-military war plane over the Melbourne bay or Victorian countryside.  We offer three military style adventure flights:

  1.  Fly in a single war plane and experience aerobatics such as loops and rolls,

  2. Fly in formation with another war plane and break off for individual aerobatics, or

  3. Fly in formation with an Antonov AN2. 

Experience the thrill of a military style formation.  Keep the adrenaline level low or amp it up by breaking out of formation for aerobatics.  You set the agenda and control the thrill level.  Awesome!

Each flight experience includes a detailed pre-flight briefing.  We plan the mission together and you determine what sort of flying you wish to try.  If the mission includes high 'G' maneuvers then you will learn some coping techniques.   After the brief we will inspect the aircraft before executing the mission.  We will finish with a post-flight debrief with plenty of time for photo's if you wish.  Your flight can be recorded for posterity!  

Order flights on the voucher page.  Staff will contact you to discuss your requirements and schedule the flight.  


MILITARY STYLE Adventure FLIGHTS. Departing Lethbridge airfield.


Departing Essendon Airfield